PR & Communications for Employer Branding

Put your organization front and center of your ideal candidate’s attention while enhancing your brand perception with current staff members.

PR & Communications Overview

Achieving consistent and positive press and media placements is a cornerstone to attracting better talent and building a consistent, best-in-class employer brand.

So much of an attractive employer brand is effective public relations. Tap into the power of strategic media and press placements to drive a better employer brand.

The Value Of PR For Employer Branding

Candidates and staff members both look to the press and media for external cues on the reputation and direction of the company. Both the candidate experience and employee experience are shaped by the perceptions generated by organic and earned media.

Gain greater control over your organization’s public perception with strategic PR and communications designed specifically for employer branding benefits.

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Drive positive business impact through PR and communications for employer branding

Are job candidates delighted by the opportunity to apply to an open position at your organization?

Are job candidates informed about your organization’s latest initiatives and campaigns to drive a better employee experience?

Is your organization inspiring candidates to apply to your organization’s open roles – and driven to bring their best selves to work?

Is your brand receiving coverage that is favorable, positive, and generating a search engine return on investment?